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Welcome to the Control and Optimization Research (CORE) Laboratory.  

Our research focuses on control and optimization methods, risk management solutions and incentive mechanisms for IoT-enabled systems and networked CPS with limited information.










Insoon Yang
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California (USC)
EEB 316, 3740 McClintock Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2563, USA
(213) 740-2351
insoonya [at] usc.edu



  • (Aug. 2016) The Control and Optimization Research (CORE) lab has been launched.







Research Interests

  • Theory: Control, Optimization
    • Distributionally robust stochastic control and reinforcement learning
    • Risk- & safety-aware optimal control
    • Stochastic, nonconvex optimization
    • Optimization of dynamical networks
    • Incentives in systems and control
  • Applications: Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT
    • Energy systems: commerical/residential energy management systems, energy storage, electricity markets, energy policy