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Welcome to the Control and Optimization Research (CORE) Laboratory.Welcome to the Control and Optimization Research (CORE) Laboratory.
Our research focuses on control and optimization methods, risk management solutions and incentive mechanisms for IoT-enabled systems and networked CPS with limited information.


Insoon Yang
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California (USC)
EEB 316, 3740 McClintock Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2563, USA
(213) 740-2351


  • (Aug. 2016) The Control and Optimization Research (CORE) lab has been launched.

Research Interests

  • Theory: Control, Optimization
    • Distributionally robust stochastic control and reinforcement learning
    • Risk- & safety-aware optimal control
    • Stochastic, nonconvex optimization
    • Optimization of dynamical networks
    • Incentives in systems and control
  • Applications: Cyber-Physical Systems, IoT
    • Energy systems: commerical/residential energy management systems, energy storage, electricity markets, energy policy


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